Sprucing Up my Website

Way, way back in the early days of the Internet, when cellphones were still luxury items, and pagers were ubiquitous on people’s belts, people would put an “Under Construction” icon on their websites while it was undergoing major changes. 

I’m not going to do that, but I have made some changes. This website will now open with an “https” link instead of “http”, which means it uses a secure connection. Search engines like it better. I also reactivate my Google Sitemaster Tools and Google Analytics, which I never bothered to reactivate after moving off wordpress.com.

But now, I am making changes to the theme. I have always wanted a parallax theme, because they are pretty and it will incentivize me to use more images. So the theme of this website may change throughout the weekend. I also may use a child theme, so I can make changes behind the scenes before making them live, but WordPress does not make that straightforward, so I’ll have to learn how to do it, first.