Seven Ways I am Rediscovering my old Normal

Since starting my new job, I’ve made strides toward reclaiming my old “normal” life:

  • I was able to resume my 7:30 to 4 shift for three days out of the last five, a schedule I have preferred since my military days.
  • I am not juggling the roles of product manager, scrum master, software designer and requirements analyst all at once. I am only a requirements analyst, albeit a senior one. How refreshing.
  • I bought a novel! Even though I once read Robin Hobb’s ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE, I bought it again on the recommendation of my sister, who has read the entire series. I never read any of the other books, so this will give me a fresh start. In return, I recommended Karen Azinger’s SILK AND STEEL SAGA.
  • I practiced my violin a lot. It’s addictive. And I definitely brain better when I play. My work requires a lot of braining.
  • I have not written much. Ok, so I have not written at all. Not really my old normal, but it’ll pass. One possible reason is one of my books is being beta-read, and I usually take a break during such times.
  • Instead of writing, I’ve been playing a computer game. I think I’ll review it once I’ve finished battling the final Big Bad, which should be this week. Yes, it’s another game that’s probably older than some of you are, but not as old as this one.
  • I’m sleeping better. Accidental timing? I think not. Also, I’m less wiped out when I get home, and my husband says that I am more patient.

Looking forward to seeing what the next week brings!

2 Thoughts to “Seven Ways I am Rediscovering my old Normal”

  1. So glad you’re doing well! 🙂 Sleeping better is always a great thing.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Thanks, and very true!

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