The Sevenfold Spell

The Sevenfold Spell

Winner of the EPIC award for Fantasy

A 5 Star, Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews

“an amazing, imaginative tale that enraptures the reader and tells the intriguing story of what happens to all the other people in a fairy tale. It is a novella that is well worth the read.”

The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf

“The Magic Mirror is a lovely, unusual romance loosely based on the fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.  It is creative, tender, and lyrical.”

Smart Bitches – Trashy Books


I write stories with romantic elements that take place anywhere but here, anywhen but now. Currently, that includes the above fairy tale retellings, but in the works are a time travel epic and a regency fantasy spy romp.

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10/20/2015 – Excerpts!

HIGHWAY TO YESTERDAY is my most ambitious project to date. It is a time travel historical that starts in modern times, and takes place throughout the 20th century. It was inspired by road trips along US-1, where many derelict motels and diners still stand–remnants of times past. Much of it takes place in St. Augustine, which is a museum of a city, the oldest in America, with countless fascinating places on every street and byway.

Read the opening here.

If EAST OF YESTERDAY is my most ambitious project, then MAGIC BY STARLIGHT is my funnest. I call it a mashup of Jane Austen and James Bond, and it’s written from the point-of-view of a starcasting spy who is miscast as a femme fatale. It is also complete, and I posted an excerpt to it on the MAGIC BY STARLIGHT page.