Website Changes Complete … for now

Wow, it’s been a long time since I spent most of the day fixing up my website. I installed SSO, so this site now uses a secure connection. While I was at it, I reconnected Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, but I really haven’t paid much attention to that stuff since the Fantasy Debut days. Narcissism only brings you so much happiness, after all.

I know, I know, there are good reasons to use such tools other than narcissism, which is why I reactivated them.

I also found a new theme that handles things quite a bit differently. I am considering buying the pro version so I can have a slew of additional options. First, I’ll get to know the options that come with the free version.

I also started a complete sweep through the site to clean up dead and invalid links. So far, I have done the home page and the book pages. I have a lot of pages I am not using, so I will take a look at them to determine if I think I will ever use them again. If not, I may as well delete them.

Let me know if you see any issues!