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Official Bio

Not even a stint in the military as an aircraft mechanic could erase Tia Nevitt’s love of fairy tales. To this day, she loves to read (and write) books that take her to another place, or another time, or both. Tia has also worked on an assembly line, as a computer programmer, a technical writer and a business analyst. Over the years, she has suffered from TMI (too many interests) syndrome, and under its influence she also dabbles in calligraphy, violin, piano and songwriting. All these activities occasionally distract her from her true calling, the writing of fiction, but she always comes home. She lives in the southeast with her husband and daughter.

Tia’s novella, The Sevenfold Spell, won the 2012 EPIC ebook award for Fantasy.

Chatty Bio

I started writing after an umpteenth reread of The Once and Future King by T. H. White. He just made writing look so fun. I had a blast coming up with stories and situations, but I had no concept of a plot. I spent ten happy years (or was it twelve?) writing a trilogy, and then I put it in my closet and got serious.

Since I got my first computer at about the same time I started writing, I have been online almost that whole time. I first went online back when modems were considered newfangled things. I visited the local online bulletin board systems in Phoenix, Arizona, but found them too clubby and expensive. Then I discovered the wonderful thing called Prodigy. My husband and I each paid for an account and we used it right up until they decided to charge by the hour. It was ultimately too expensive, and we cancelled our accounts. We tried other online services — gEnie, AOL — but we liked neither.

Then, I discovered the Internet in my UNIX class. First, there was pine, the vi editor (pronounced like it is spelled — v-i), pico, usenet and gopher (loved wiretap). Then came lynx and the Worldwide Web. Then, everyone was talking about the new Mosaic browser, which totally blew lynx away.

mosaic-browserMy husband and I got our first public internet service through a variety of substandard services until we hit upon GetNet, which is still going strong. We have never been without internet service since–which is kind of the way most people are about cable (and which we don’t have).

I started blogging in the late 90s. (That was about the same time I set aside my opus  horribilis.) After trying to host my blogs myself using a great platform called Graymatter, I caved to the reality of spammers and signed up for a Blogger account in February of 2002–back when Google didn’t own it. None of my blogs took off until Fantasy Debut in 2007. Most of you have been following me around the Internet since then (and thanks!)

Oh, yeah–and during all that time, I kept writing. See above for official bio.


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