Back From Unplanned Hiatus

Lots of changes over the past month. The biggest was a job change. I started a new job on Monday. This is the first time I have voluntarily changed jobs since 2004. I usually make companies make me leave.

In this case, I could not blame my boss, who was wonderful. My co-workers were wonderful, and I definitely felt appreciated. Our clients liked and trusted me. I had a lot of influence. 

But our company was in way over its head and had a policy (unofficial, of course) of hiring the least number of people they could get away with, and then squeeze them dry. Even the HR director (who I trusted) was frustrated about the slow pace of hiring. Our QA people regularly worked weekends. So did the release team. I did not. I set the expectation early that I would not, and I stuck to it, and only worked extra hours when it was truly warranted. However, due to its minimal staffing, the company was constantly in a crisis.

So when a company found me on LinkedIn and pitched a position to me, I perked up because it seemed like a good fit. It was. As I left my last interview with them, I reflected that the company would be hard-pressed to find anyone more qualified than I. I had a job offer in my inbox the next morning. Early.

So after trying my best to leave my previous employer in as good shape as possible, I started on Monday. It is very promising.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been. After working (at my old job) I was too zonked to blog. After my last day, I zipped down to Melbourne to visit my mother because it will be difficult getting time off for a few months. However, that trip was a bit much, and I probably should not have done it. Today, I am catching up on some email/computer/website tasks, and I need to pick my new job benefits.

I am hoping this job not take so much out of me, and to maybe start doing more of my old activities. So far, it is pretty promising because they are hiring!

4 Thoughts to “Back From Unplanned Hiatus”

  1. Congrats on the new job. Hope it’s everything you desire.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      I sure hope so as well!

  2. Glad for your new position! I hope it works out wonderfully. Companies accidentally burning out their staff by not hiring enough workers (or sometimes having trouble finding enough workers) is a problem a lot of places. Some of my family members in the nursing field had to deal with that. It’s rough, even if you like the work.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      It’s a shame because that company now has a bad reputation, and they are having trouble finding quality people willing to work there.

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