If at first, you cannot sell . . .

. . . cut, cut, cut again.

And so, East of Yesterday (or Highway to Yesterday, I can never quite decide), which was once over 116,000 words, is now a trim 95,000 words. My latest cut was 11,400 words all at once, when I decided some pretty lengthy scenes were unneeded backstory that was written from the wrong character’s point-of-view.

I’ll be able to rewrite what is needed for the story from the right character’s point of view, and I don’t expect to take anywhere near 11400 words to do so. I may even be able to cut some additional things toward the end.

I just wanted to celebrate that little triumph with you. Back to the rewrite.

Oh! Do you have a preference? Do you like East of Yesterday as a title, or Highway to Yesterday? I find the first title nicely subtle, but the second title is a little more obvious as a time travel novel, and it is my current working title.

7 Thoughts to “If at first, you cannot sell . . .”

  1. East of Yesterday

    1. Cool! That’s one vote for my personal fave.

  2. I like `East of Yesterday’ better, too.

  3. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    Not seeing how they fit the novel, I like East of Yesterday. Given that both have “Yesterday” n the title, I don’t see one as particularly more obviously about time travel. All this said, I could change my mind if I read the story, and found a highway prominent, and nothing particularly east of anything else. {Smile, wink}

    1. There is definitely a highway! As for the “East” part, it is a metaphorical direction because things aren’t quite like they might have been if the characters had progressed through the years normally. Oh, and much of it takes place in cities along the east coast.

  4. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    Then both fit well enough for a title, I think {Smile}

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