Revising East of Yesterday – Plus Stuff

People's DrugstoreHere is a cool drugstore pic from the 1920s. Whenever I blog about East of Yesterday, I’m going to try to find a cool old picture to go with it, to get you in the mood. Click to enbiggen. Shorpy has another picture of the same store, restored and in high-res.

I took my three-week writing break and am now neck-deep in revisions.

I took a different approach with this revision, because I have already revised East of Yesterday quite heavily. I am reading the story aloud to my husband. In the process, it has grown from 111000 words to 115000. I have found some I can cut, and probably will do so tonight, but it won’t amount to more than about 2000 words, if that. All the scenes really do advance the story. I guess it is officially an epic. But historical fiction is often lengthy, so I think it should be okay.

In between read-aloud sessions–I can only go for about 2 hours at a time before my voice gives out–I am doing some revisions further along in the book that I know I need to make, such as rewriting a few scenes in another point-of-view.


Other than that, I read a fantasy that was very good, but the reviews on the 2nd book are not promising and it is a bit expensive, so I have not purchased it yet. This is the second such novel that I have read. (With the other book, I actually did purchase the second novel, but the plot crashed and burned half-way through) Both started out as self-published Amazon sensations. Hmm.

Does anyone know of a good Google Reader-like website, for reading blog feeds? I prefer RSS feeds to getting a bunch of emails from individual blogs, but have not found a replacement for Google Reader. Therefore, I don’t read blogs as much as I used to, and I’d like to get back into it. Neither Facebook nor Twitter a very good substitute, IMO.

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  1. You might check out either The Old Reader or Inoreader. I’ve played around with both and wound up using Inoreader because of it being compatible with the local client I use on my Mac and the app I have on my devices, as well having a nice web-based client I use while I’m at work.

    1. Thanks, I’ll look into both.

  2. I recently asked Mulluane what she was using, because the one we both picked after Google Reader quit last December. She recommended Bloglovin’. I’m still slowly trying it out, but I already appreciate the feature she particularly likes: when I click on the list entry, it shows the blog complete with wallpaper, sidebars, and everything else the owner picked out, with just a few Bloglovin’ navigational stuff added at the top and maybe other sides. Since I’d rather read it with the owner’s background for atmosphere, this is great! {SMILE, wink}


    1. Two endorsements! I’ll try this one as well.

  3. P.S. I love the store as an atmosphere picture. It does call up a certain old mood. {Smile}

    I’m glad revisions are coming along. I do enjoy revising, but stepping away far enough to catch all my mistakes can be a real challenge. {Smile}


    1. Thanks. Old pictures were a large part of the inspiration for East of Yesterday, so I’ll start posting the ones that impacted my story.

      1. I look forward to that. I love old pictures, and seeing where others find inspiration. This offers a little of both! {BIG SMILE}


  4. Well…. I see I’ve already made my recommendation by proxy, LOL!

    Thanks Anne [hug]

    1. {SMILE, HUGS BACK} It was the best recommendation I got when I needed a new blog reader recently. I figured I should pass it on… again. Since I’d already passed it on to another friend who was looking for a blog reader. {wink, BROAD SMILE}


      1. Aww! Group hug! 🙂



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