7 Things I Did During My Writing Break

Well, it’s been two weeks since I took my “writing break” and I have one week to go. And what did I discover? I do a lot of writing. When I am not writing, I actually have some free time. Here are some of the things I’ve done over the past two weeks.

  1. Reread Petroleum Sunset Episode 3 – Prince of Hicksville – and contemplated whether or not I want to publish it by itself or bundle it up with the first 2 episodes. I do think I should rewrite the whole series, and keep the voice while eliminating the dialect spelling. On my ToDo list for when I have time. But hey! The cover is already done.
  2. Revealed to my husband a scheme I had been hatching to collaborate on an epic fantasy based on one of his role playing game plots. It really is a terrific plot with this highly claustrophobic setting. Plus, it has paladins. He is intrigued.
  3. Went over to my old Fantasy Debut site and spruced it up, removing the sidebar notices about it having moved to this site. No, I have not restarted that blog. This is in the “thinking about” stage. When I ran Fantasy Debut it was manageable alongside my fiction writing, whereas Debuts & Reviews was not.
  4. Reread my Christian supernatural and made a few edits here and there. If I move forward with this novel, I will self-publish. This plot is probably the most intense one I’ve ever attempted. Only The Sevenfold Spell comes close.
  5. Played a lot fewer video games that I expected. My Morrowind character seems hopeless, and I am daunted at the idea of starting over. Again. I tried Dragon Age, but I can’t get out of that stupid and endless Fade subplot. What were they thinking? And then my Xbox crashed (we have one of the bad power packs, and the replacement we ordered was just as bad) and I lost interest. I’ve played a lot of MineCraft with my daughter. We are building Elsa’s ice castle.
  6. Discovered Star Trek Continues. Watched all 3 episodes. Considering funding the next Kickstarter. Yes. It was that good. Review upcoming.
  7. Started to teach my daughter calligraphy. Bought some fresh marker pens, and a calligraphy ruler.

So what do I do in my spare time when I’m not writing? Well, as it turns out, I’m … mostly writing.

8 Thoughts to “7 Things I Did During My Writing Break”

  1. LOL! Consistent woman aren’t you :>)

  2. That’s not just an either/or. You could publish the third story separately now, then combine them as a set after you revise them. That would be a neat re-issue. {Smile}
    That sounds promising, not the least because your husband is interested, too. {SMILE}

    {SMILE} Of course you wrote; you’re a writer after all. The only trait that all writers seem to have in common is that one way or another, they will write. They may not publish, they may not support themselves solely on their writing, they may not revise much, or they may revise more than they write original stuff… but one way or another, they will write, because that’s what writers do. {wink, SMILE}

    1. Drat! Here I thought writers checked their e-mail sixteen times, played majong on the computer, and caught up with the latest `Castle’ episode. 😉 (Or is that Procrastinating Writers?)

      1. Well, most do something like that, too, but there are so very many ways to procrastinate… {wink, Smile}

        Really, when I looked at the traits that different folks were using as standards to tell “real writers” from the rest, I was always finding someone who didn’t do that who most folks would consider a real writer. I suspect if I looked hard enough, I’d even find someone who didn’t procrastinate much. I could only one common denominator: they write. {Smile}


        1. (Giggle) I’m trying to picture someone who isn’t a real writer because they don’t procrastinate. You’re right, actually sitting down and writing is always the common denominator. Unless you dictate into a recorder and have a typist put it on paper for you. then you might be standing and writing. 🙂

          1. But you’re still writing, just in a different position and media. {Smile, wink}


  3. I’m so glad you got a lot of writing done! This is the first I’ve heard of your Christian Supernatural, and I am instantly intrigued. And looking forward to Prince of Hicksville', whether published singly or in a group (or both.) I have not discoveredStar Trek Continues.’ I may have to remedy that. Building ice castles with your daughter is a lovely idea. Games are often more fun when they are shared. 🙂 Oh dear, I was trying to comment on everything and it came out a bit scattered, but I am glad you’ve gotten so much accomplished, and a lot of it sounds exciting for us, your readers, too.

    1. Chic, I thought you might be interested in the Christian supernatural. It is intense and very different. I don’t think it will be long enough for a full novel. But that seems to be OK these days, in the ebook world. As for Prince … that series does seem to have one or two fans. Maybe I should actually do a publicity push for it, when I do take the time to publish it. Or go ahead and write it as a TV series, which is what I really have in mind for it. Never dream small, eh?

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