Dratted, Overcrowded Brain

Today, I got a nice email from Zillow. Why, you ask, would Zillow send me a nice email? Because of this post. They asked that I embed a link in it, and even though the link was rather real-estate-y and this is not a real estate blog, I did what they asked. Because they asked so nicely. Who knows? Maybe the cool architecture will inspire one of you to move to St. Augustine one day.

Lesson learned: It never hurts to ask.

Anyway, when I reviewed the post, I realized I had never written a promised follow-up. Even though I took the trip to St. Augustine and drove down the streets I mentioned. (In my Jeep. With the top down, of course.)

I keep doing that. Forgetting stuff I say I’ll do. I guess I need to come up with a reminder system. So I am going to brush off my old Google Calendar account–the one where I used to keep track of debuts–and have it send me reminders. Because apparently, this brain is overcrowded.

In fact, I think I’d better write a procedure for writing up blog posts. Because I evidently need all the help I can get.

(Nah. Cause if I do, I’m sure to forget I wrote the dratted thing.)

6 Thoughts to “Dratted, Overcrowded Brain”

  1. {chuckle} I have a very good forgetter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let me choose what to forget; it chooses for me, often things I really want to remember, like what I planned to do each day. {rueful smile}

    We do have a few calendars to keep track of appointments and other timed events, but that doesn’t help with all the supposedly on-going projects that I don’t get around to. {rueful chuckle, Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. 🙂 I’m actually much better at remembering things than I used to be. I rarely lose things anymore, and I don’t forget appointments, mostly because they are on my calendar. It’s stuff like this–if this happens, do this–that I tend to forget.

      1. Yeah, those are rougher to remember for me, too. {Sympathetic Smile}

  2. St. Augustine looks like a lovely area.

    1. It is the coolest little town. It looks much like New Orleans with all of the little hidden courtyards, but is much, much smaller and is not so flood-prone (and crime-prone). As the oldest city in the US, there is a historical building on just about every corner. Most of the houses are 75+ years old, and many of them are beds-and-breakfasts.

      Only problem–it’s hot. If you visit, avoid coming in the summertime.

  3. Snickers…. I still have those old calendar entries…

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