Preview of This Week at D&R

Posts this week will include:

  • A Debut Showcase, which is already written (unless I discover more debuts)
  • A review of a historical romance
  • Progress on my Classic Reread, which will be multiple posts

I’d also like to do a round-up of reviews of THE SEVENFOLD SPELL, and I intend to include both the good and the bad. So far, along with some unrated reviews and some five-stars, it has received one two-star review. I’ll tell you why in a few days.

One thing about those big romance sites is they’re way out ahead of most science fiction/fantasy sites when it comes to the reading of ebooks. They are all perfectly willing to do so. Even Dear Author, and it’s kind of scary to contemplate getting a review at Dear Author. A few of you have consented to read it (thank you!). If you run a decent-sized fantasy blog and you’re willing to read an ebook, please let me know. (I’ll tell you up front that my target audience for THE SEVENFOLD SPELL was women. It is somewhat racy and has a happily ever after.)

I am now willing to read ebooks because it would be awfully hypocritical of me not to, but I am still very picky about publishers. Even so, I’m more likely to buy the books I read because I am unable to commit to reading by release dates at this time.

And finally, my feed numbers have taken a small but noticeable jump, so to all my new subscribers, welcome!

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  1. I”m glad things are coming along. At least it sounds like they are. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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