Wow, this was close! I counted 5 Dragonlance votes and 6 for Paks (including one person who voted for both). I was leaning toward Dragonlance, so now we have a tie. And looky here:

That’s right, pristine and unread omnibus copies of both novels. How the heck did that happen? Well, I wore out my original Dragonlance omnibus, plus a set secondhand individual paperbacks, which I replaced with this omnibus, and which I have yet to read.  As for Paks, I originally had another copy of this omnibus, but the plastic started peeling off the paper almost since day 1. After a whole bunch of readings, the curl of plastic started driving me to distraction. When I saw this omnibus reappear in the bookstore, I grabbed a copy.

So what am I going to read? I’m going to read the first chapter of both and see which one I’m most in the mood for. Dragonlance is more fun, but I’ve always wanted to review Paks. So we’ll see!