My First Foundry +Module is Live!

First, a preface to the subscribers who have stuck with me since my book blogging days. This is the first post I will have made in a while where I will leave on the option to send this post to website subscribers. I have kept it off for the last two posts to spare you what I know is probably bewildering geekiness.

Since this is such a complete subject change from when I was previously actively blogging, I would not blame you at all if you unsubscribed. This is very geeky stuff that I am posting about and to make matters worse, it is both technical and geeky. It is not for everyone, or even very many people. So if you survive this post without unsubscribing, then I am going to assume you still want these emails going forward.

And now, I shall carry on with this post …

My first Foundry VTT module is live! Behold:

Tianze’s Otari Extras is a content module for Pathfinder Second Edition that takes place in the Otari area. If you know Pathfinder, you know what and where (and maybe even who) Otari is.

Here are some snips from the maps. This is the kitchen area of a tavern.

This is another tavern. It was once a fishery, so it features fishing hatches in the middle of the room. Within the game, these hatches open and close using tile overlays and macros.

And here is part of a monster warren under a ruin:

I first started putting it together over the summer when I started redrawing old maps using Forgotten Adventures (FA) assets. I decided to go whole-hog and make it into a module just to sort of get my name out there, because I have other, original modules in the words. It was kind of a way to learn what I need to know about module development. I had to learn the following:

  • How to draw maps in DungeonDraft using FA assets, which is very different from the default assets,
  • A little bit about how to program in Javascript. I am definitely still a beginner at this and am mostly reusing the work of others.
  • How to use github and to create a release. This was not strictly required, but all the cool kids are on github, so I wanted to be there as well. I brushed off an account I have had since about 2015 and finally created a repo. A repository, that is.
  • All the intricacies of how to create a module, which is very specific to Foundry VTT, and which includes things like diving into the licensing terms of various asset providers and ensuring what I am using is legal for what is essentially fan content.

I took my own sweet time in putting it together, because I don’t have a lot of spare time, and this isn’t the only thing I like doing. I still like playing my violin and viola with my church choir, and that still takes a lot of time. I also worked on another module in parallel with this one, which won’t be ready for a few more weeks.

While all this is fresh in my brain, I want to do a post that gathers in all the various sources I used to create the module, because sometimes what I had to do next was not entirely clear. But that probably won’t be until next week.

One Thought to “My First Foundry +Module is Live!”

  1. Carole

    It’s looking good what you are making. I’m not ready to play adventure modules online just yet, I’m just starting solo ttrpgs with pen and paper for now. But I still like looking at what everyone is making and producing for vtts.

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