So, about that last post …

A couple of years ago, I wrote about getting back into action. And then I promptly did nothing. How embarrassing.

Where have I been? Doing the usual stuff. But my creativity has taken a turn in another direction.

Yeah, I still have 3 unpublished novels that I am sitting on. And yeah, I have no plans to publish them at present. I have tested the waters, and they are unfriendly. When I do decide to publish my stories, I will most likely be doing so as an independent. In other words, I’ll (most likely) self-publish.

But I’m not doing that now. I mentioned above that my creativity has taken a different turn.

I am starting to dip my toe into game development. As in role-playing game mods and scenarios. Therefore, the purpose of this blog will turn to game topics. I may even do some videos.

How very geeky, I know. But y’all knew I was a geek all along.

So before I put my first mod out there — it’s all ready to go — I am going to do a little rebranding of this site, and also my Twitter/X, my Facebook, and a video site (maybe Twitch?) I’ll add links to things like my github, Patreon, and Discord. But I’d like to keep my home here, because I still like blogging.

I just didn’t have a topic, until now.

Okay, we’ll see if it takes me another three years to write my next post. If you’re still here, thanks for reading!

2 Thoughts to “So, about that last post …”

  1. I’m glad you found something you enjoy!

  2. You’re still on my blog reader, so I will read on. I must admit I don’t have any interest in games though I look forward to hearing about your journey to develop them.

    I didn’t rebrand, but I did move my blog back to my old address:

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