Quick Update

Unforgivable. I have not posted since May. And with a brand-new website, too!

But I’ve been writing. A lot.

I like to have two things going on, so while I am drafting a new novel, I am also revising one of my existing novels. In this case, I am converting an entire novel from first person to third, and I am adding another POV character. It’s a big job, but I’m over halfway finished.

When I finish, I’ll repolish the query and synop, and begin sending it places while I turn my attention back to my new project.

In other news, my health is finally improved. I finally feel over the dreadful antibiotics that I had to go on this time last year, and which, I swear, wiped me out for a solid year. I figured out some of my sleeping issues (absolutely no sugar or milk products after six) and it is a wonder what enough rest can do for you.

Finally, I got Scrivener, which is a writing tool specially suited for large projects such as novels and screenplays (and, apparently, legal briefs), and I have started a software review. I’ll try to finish that up soon.

3 Thoughts to “Quick Update”

  1. Writing a lot is good! So is feeling better. I tried Scrivener. Twice. I just found the learning curve so overwhelming, I gave up.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      I can definitely see the learning curve issue. As a business analyst, I know how difficult it is to strike a balance between providing powerful software, and providing software that is easy to use.

      I really need to get that review finished up, but I’m having too much fun writing!

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