New Infographic! How to Troubleshoot and Revise a Scene

I was looking for something else on my hard drive when I stumbled across this infographic that I had written a few years ago, and which turned up missinRandRSceneg. I remember looking for it and not being able to find it anywhere. I gave up, assuming that I had closed Word without saving.

But it turns out, I had dumped it in the root My Documents directory. Where I never put anything. Or so I thought. Turns out there’s all kinds of miscellaneous stuff in there, which I now should go through. Maybe I’ll find another hidden treasure.

It’s based on this post:

How to Troubleshoot and Rewrite a Scene …

It now has top billing at my Infographics page.

One Thought to “New Infographic! How to Troubleshoot and Revise a Scene”

  1. This is a timely reminder. 🙂 I do have a scene that makes a bit less than perfect sense. (I’m not ready to tackle it, if I don’t keep pressing forward I’ll loose momentum -but this is a good back-burner way to think about that particular scene.)

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