Missed Post

I knew it. I should have scheduled my latest Time Trip post on Sunday. Because I sure as HECK did not have time to get it posted on any night this week. However, I CARVED some time out of my schedule for “just me” time tonight, so I shall schedule it now, to post at, say, 10:00 tomorrow morning.

(My first impulse was to pull it till next week, because I didn’t think Fridays were so good to post on, but my inexplicable spike in traffic last week started on a Friday, so what do I know?)

In other news, I downloaded a borderless map of Europe, and divided it into three large kingdoms. Now, why would I do such a thing? Just a tad bit of worldbuilding for a potential alternate history fantasy that’s in its very early preliminary idea stage.

Too many ideas … not enough time!

3 Thoughts to “Missed Post”

  1. If Fridays are good, try to get it early on Friday. That way, you’ll be there for the folks-who-only-check-from-work to find before they leave for home, yet you’ll still be pretty current for the folks-who-only-check-from-home-on-weekends. Of course, the folks like me who go online seven days a week don’t need such careful timing, but I’ve seriously noticed a weekend group and a weekday group among my friends Friday’s a particularly good day to catch everyone’s eye. Late Sunday is also good, but Friday is better. {Smile}


    1. I tried. But WordPress keeps messing with the timestamps on my post, and it posted with a date of 2014! So, since the tweets and facebooks went out with the post, I updated the date to today, and sent out some corrective tweets/facebooks. It was very frustrating because I knew to double-check the date. It still changed it from 2015 to 2014! Why is this a feature???

      1. I have no idea why they’d think someone would want that “feature.” {wry but Sympathetic Smile}


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