A Trip, Recent Writings, and Upcoming

Life is just so busy. I haven’t been posting lately because I usually use Sunday afternoons to prepare my posts for the week (all two of them, on a good week), and lately I’ve had to use that time to put in some extra hours at work. Hopefully, that’s all finished for now, but this weekend I went to my Mom’s to help her move her things into her new apartment.

I also toted home a LOT of what my sister calls the “historical items”. This includes the home movies and projector that I wrote about a while back. My Mom pointed out that I now have the paperwork for five dead people. This covers at least 3 generations, and includes ancestors born during the 1880s. Among those items are some old ration cards and a stamp album. So I can foresee some interesting posts coming up.


I tentatively renamed my time travel novel as HIGHWAY TO YESTERDAY (“HTY”)  to better emphasize the fact that much of it consists of road trips. I’ve been working on the second book, plus I’ve been doing some world-building for an epic fantasy that I may or may not get serious about. I need to write some more pilot scenes with the main characters to see how well we click. So far, I like the main character, but am seriously considering making her a supporting character and putting the main focus on a man, instead. And when I seriously consider things like this, in means I’m going to do them. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in HTY, it’s to go with my instincts when I think of things like this. When I resist, the story suffers.


I owe you a Time Trip post. This week’s going to complement the last post on old-style television. Plus, I have finished POISON PRIESTESS and want to get a review written, but that probably won’t happen till next week.