New Occasional Series – Time Trips. And an Oops.

I scheduled my first post in a new series of posts that I am calling Time Trips. Most of them will be fun looks into the past at some old bit of technology or an obsolete way of doing things. I’ve written such posts before, but now they have a name. At some point, I’ll go back and tag those old posts and put a link to them on the sidebar. This will be an occasional series, and I already have three posts ready.

If you subscribe to this blog, you got an inadvertent preview this afternoon. I intended to schedule the post for Wednesday afternoon, but due to a WordPress quirk, it posted immediately. At some point, WordPress started using the date and time that you first started writing as the defaulted scheduled posting date, which is almost always in the past for me, often months or even years ago. So y’all got a Time Trip post dated from last August. If you click it, it won’t go anywhere, because I had re-scheduled it for this Wednesday before remembering that it would change the date and time on the URL, thus rendering all links I previously blasted out as dead. Sorry about that!

(Now you know why I’m looking to move this sitelsewhere.)

So, there you go–an unintentional perk of subscribing to this blog. You get to see my mistakes in real time. 🙂

2 Thoughts to “New Occasional Series – Time Trips. And an Oops.”

  1. That “mistake” sounds frustrating, Tia. (Quotes because it doesn’t feel like you made nearly as big a mistake as WordPress.) {lop-sided smile}

    The series sounds fun! {SMILE}


    1. It has been so far, since I’ve already written three posts. Now hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up, on an occasional basis. I have a terrible habit of starting new blog projects and then forgetting about them! 🙂

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