Could I Be Finished and Just Didn’t Know It?

I was thinking about how to do this final confrontation at the end of my book when I thought of a plot twist that I loved. But I realized that if I used this plot twist, I would have to spend another 50,000 words resolving it. Almost enough for another book. Or a door-stopper for this one.

And then I realized that I had been wondering how I would continue the series, anyway. Other than some over-arching scenes, I had nothing. But if I proceed with this … well, it gives my characters almost impossible odds to overcome. I have no idea how I would pull it off.

What more can a storyteller want?

So I’m feeling this idea out. I’ll need to move one scene back within the 95,000 or so words that I’d be keeping, but fortunately, the scene is somewhat portable. I’d have to put my confrontation in a different place, but I’m cool with that. It would also leave a well-established villain alive for future conflict, which is always good.

I’m not seeing any negatives. And I’m excited!

7 Thoughts to “Could I Be Finished and Just Didn’t Know It?”

  1. That does sound promising. Good luck with setting up the sequel! May you find enough more to make it another whole book. {BIG SMILE}


  2. I’d follow where ever the muse is leading you! Sounds like a grand adventure.

  3. Good for you! Sounds like you’ve found a win/win. 🙂

  4. Thanks, everyone. Now I need to decide on whether book one ends in a cliffhanger or not …

    1. Since I suspect you’re hoping this will be your first to be picked up by a major publisher, at least figure out an option that avoids the cliffhanger. That seems to improve the chances that a publisher will pick up a new author. I suspect because they don’t feel they’re committing themselves to a sequel as much as if the book ends in a cliffhanger. {Smile}

      Then again, if you’d rather put this one out thru self-publishing, you’re the only one who really needs to be committed to the sequel anyway. {Smile, wink}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

      1. I always intended this to be a series. I am leaning toward resolving a major plotline and leaving others for the next book. Which, due to this plot twist, will certainly open the novel with a bang.

  5. deborahblake1

    Happy writing!

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