End-of-Book Slog

So I guess I’m on hiatus. Kind of.

I’ve written over 100,000 words of East of Yesterday, and I’m trying to wrestle this story into a satisfying ending. My productivity has been steady but not great. I am slowly working through it. And it seems that the word count does keep creeping up, so that’s progress.

But unfortunately, I’ve totally outlined this story, and every time I’ve done that, it has killed my writing pace. I wish I knew why. The best I can figure is that when I write it down, even as a bubble in a Visio flowchart (as I did this time), it takes away some of the freshness of the plot, dampening my enthusiasm somewhat. For the next book, I will revert to using scene titles in my Navigation Pane of Word. That approach tends to guide me through the plot, as if I were being led on a leash.

Hmm. Good idea. I think I’ll do that with the rest of the plot milestones in the story. It may just help.

Hey–thanks for your help! I gotta run now and try this out. I’ll try to pop in with an update soon.

5 Thoughts to “End-of-Book Slog”

  1. deborahblake1

    You’re welcome–any time! And I’m in the middle of the book slog. I’ll trade you!

    1. I’d rather be where I am now, thank you!! 🙂

  2. Sometimes it helps just to talk things out, doesn’t it? {Smile, wink}

    I hope this works better for you. {Smile}

    I do sympathize. I even had a similar problem once. I told Dad a sort of detailed summary of a story I was planning, and lost the story in the process of telling. I quickly decided never to try that stunt again! {chuckle, rueful SMILE}


  3. At least you know what works and what doesn’t. That has to help, right?

  4. Anne and Chic–it actually helped quite a bit. I guess I need to keep blogging in order to keep the story flowing. I have now straightened up my muddle of a story and am making forward motion again!

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