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When I stopped running Debuts and Reviews, I thought blogging would be easier. Back in those days, I put in a lot of time filtering through recent releases at places like Edelweiss, looking for debuts to bring to you. It was fun, but it took hours. All those hours came straight out of my writing time, since I didn’t have any other time to offer up. Several of you pitched in to write the reviews (Deborah, Raven and Katie) so I could spend more time finding those debuts.

But one thing was easy. Topics to blog on. It was a cinch. I blogged on either:

  • Debuts
  • Reviews

Yeah, I would have those off-topic posts and author guests, but even they were usually related to one of the above.

A freeform blog like this one is harder because I don’t have so much to write about. I don’t like the idea of only writing about me, and so I have been writing about writing, which really only appeals to my kindred writers.

I have thought about picking up either reviews or debuts again, but the scope of debuts is going to be really hard for me to handle unless I very narrowly define what debuts I am going to cover. I can’t leave out self-published books anymore because they have gone mainstream, and there are a large number of electronic and small presses putting out quality work. I would have to pick out five or six of my favorite publishers and only cover their debuts. Or cover only self-published debuts (which would still be huge). Or cover only Warrior Woman debuts. Or something like that.

But damn. I really do need a focus. Here are some of the ideas that have flitted through my brain.

  • Reviews. Tor still sends me books, as does Amazon. May as well put them to good use.
  • Jeeping. Yeah, right. Talk about trading one audience for another. Much as I love my Jeep, I don’t seem myself devoting a whole blog to it.
  • Politics. No, just kidding.
  • Technigirl. I wrote a blog once called Technigirl. No one read it except my husband. It was actually a lot of fun. But if I’m going to pick a blog topic, it needs to have a slight connection to my writing. (See “Jeeping” above.)

But the topic I like the best would be on Collective Memories. You guys have helped me a few times by providing your memories of the way things were done in days gone by. So my idea is that I would post a topic every day, and people comment with their memories of said topic. It would fit with my writing. I’m still considering and refining this idea, which I could combine with my research posts and road trip posts.

If I do this, I’ll pick a launch date and design a graphic and prep a number of posts ahead of time so I get into the habit before I launch. I don’t want this to be one of those things that I start and then forget. I may also change the theme for this site to make it easier to group related posts and to facilitate commenting.

What do you think?

10 Thoughts to “A Blogging Topic Idea”

  1. Collective memories does sound fun. I remember some nice discussions about that. {Smile}

    The occasional review sounds fun, too, but then I would say that. I’m always interested in books, just like I’m always interested in cats. {wink, Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Thanks Anne. Maybe I can add a disclaimer that I reserve the right to review anything when the whim strikes me. πŸ™‚

      1. Now that sounds like a great idea, Tia! {SMILE}

        Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Shared memories sound like fun. Even if it turns out to be something I don’t remember, it would still be interesting to hear everyone else’s memories. I bet it would be a great way to glean impressions of various things, too, which is always helpful. I’m with Anne Elizabeth in that I do hope there’s still the occasional review thrown in. Maybe the criteria should be books you feel like reviewing, since that would both narrow it down, and also insure that you found the topic interesting. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, I am not nearly as experimental in my reading these days. Which is kind of a shame. I’m glad you like the idea!

    2. That criteria works for me. Tia’s got pretty good taste is books. {SMILE, wink}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  3. deborahblake1

    I think you still have to do one last “debut”…you know, sometime around next September πŸ™‚

    1. Deb, I will make sure you get the full debut treatment. It will be the only Debut Showcase of the year. Plus I can send you my standard customized seven interview questions, and you can do a giveaway if you want. Don’t let me forget!

    2. You’ll be having a debut next year? Well, CONGRATUALTIONS! {REALLY BIG GRIN, HUMONGOUS GRIN}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    3. My congratulations are meant for Deborah, of course. {BIG SMILE, wink}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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