East of Yesterday Plot Plotted

OMG. I am finished plotting East of Yesterday. It has all the tragedy I envisioned, with an unexpected secret society, and conclaves that last an entire year. Lots of fun criss-crossing of time. Now, to write. I have no excuses now. New goal: finish first draft by the end of February. That is 10,000 words a month. I can do this.

4 Thoughts to “East of Yesterday Plot Plotted”

  1. Congratulations on finishing the plotting! {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Congratulations! Tragedy is hard to do -I mean hard to go through with, at least for me. But it can make for incredibly unforgettable stories.

    1. I’m discovering how difficult tragedy can be to write, myself. It is hard, even if it’s leavened with hope. {lop-sided smile}

      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  3. Thanks, guys. Chic, I hope I can pull it off. Way back when I first started writing this story, I new the tragedy would happen. But it was still amazingly difficult to write the words, even in the plot summary.

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