Book Discussion Begins Tomorrow!

I’m going to start my reread of THE DEED OF PAKSENARRION tomorrow. Book 1 is called Sheepfarmer’s Daughter. There is a Kindle edition for the omnibus of all three books for 8.99, but there is not a Nook edition. The omnibus in print is probably at your bookstore for about 14 dollars. You can also probably find copies at your library.

I’ll take it slow until I figure out what is the best pace for discussions like this. Here’s how I intend to break up the book.

  • Discussion 1 – Pak’s recruitment up to the Company’s arrival in Valdaire
  • Discussion 2 – Pak’s first battles until the recapture of Dwarfwatch.
  • Discussion 3 – After Dwarfwatch until the end of Sheepfarmer’s Daughter

This doesn’t divide the book perfectly in thirds, but it does stop at what I think are major milestones. Since I’m not able to devote a lot of time to reading, I’ll put up these posts when I am getting close to these milestones. I trust few of you will be slower than me!

Some guidelines:

  • If you have not reached the milestone yet, there is no rule that says you cannot discuss what you have read about the book so far.
  • Try to be oblique in order to avoid spoiling the plot for those who have not read it, or who are just reading along.
  • Mark all spoilers with ***BEGIN SPOILER*** before the spoilery text, and ***END SPOILER*** afterward. This will help those who don’t want to be spoiled to avert their eyes.
  • No discussions about events that take place after the discussion milestone, please!

I’ll shoot for Wednesday or Thursday for our first post.