Veronica Scott This Week!

Hi, everyone. Just a quick post.

The last two weeks included some crazy highs and lows, and there is at least one more surgery upcoming for a close family member. So I’ll continue to post when I can, hopefully at least once a week. Because I do like it, even though it may not seem that way.

Veronica Scott is coming this week! I told her that you guys were interested in her recent posts at Evil Editor, and I asked her if she would post about it sometime. She got such a kick out of the idea that she sent me a post the next day. So expect her in the next few days.

I’ll also post some true glamor shots of me … with my new Jeep! Yes, I said highs and lows, and one low–saying goodbye to my eighteen year old truck Betsy–was followed by a high of saying hello to my brand new Jeep, Clint. Yes, I name my vehicles. My hubby christened my Jeep Clint Jeepwood. I kinda like it.

So I’ll post some pics of both Betsy and Clint by Wednesday … I think.

4 Thoughts to “Veronica Scott This Week!”

  1. I’m looking forward to those pictures. Veronica Scott sounds interesting, too. {SMILE}

    I hope your family member has a completely uneventful surgery. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Thanks, Anne. My mom is having hip replacement surgery within the next month.

      Veronica Scott on Thursday!

      1. Then I wish your Mom an uneventful surgery and quick recovery. {Smile}

        Thursday sounds good to me. {SMILE}

        Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. I am so sorry your mom needs surgery -and so glad she’s getting the help she does need. I hope she recovers well and swiftly, and that being off her feet isn’t too annoying for her.

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