A Star for a Day

Today, I am the featured author at Carina Press’s social media outlets. This is when they have a Facebook, Twitter and blog blitz for each author during their release week.

My post is called “Becoming Little”, and it is about how I put myself into the character of a woman who is barely four feet tall.

On Twitter, Carina Press will be posting little-known facts about me, and on Facebook, they will post some of my favorite lines form the book.

I would love to see some familiar faces, so please join me!

Today I also put up my first-ever book video, my quirky and long talked-about video tour of my book setting using MineCraft:

Magic Mirror Book Video

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here. I would like to start doing podcasts, but first I have to get over hating the sound of my own voice.

Tia’s YouTube Channel

Enjoy and thanks for reading!