Comment Issues

Anne was kind enough to inform me that comments are not working here on my blog. I guess that’s why no one seemingly wanted to participate in my first Did You Read It. I was crushed! (just kidding)

I’ll work on getting it fixed this weekend, but I cannot duplicate the error myself. It seems to work in Firefox and my version of Internet Explorer. I’ll see if I need to install an upgrade to my WordPress, but I just upgraded it.


3 Thoughts to “Comment Issues”

  1. wait- you’ve announced your first `did you read it?’ got a book and date and all that? Dang! How’d I miss that? This is what I get for ignoring my computer in favor of Real Life for too long…

    1. Tia

      I did! But no problem since, due to my comment problem, I never actually posted the Did You Read It Post. As soon as this is fix, I’ll definitely do it. I am thinking of discussing more than one book.

  2. That would be fun.

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