New Feature – Did You Read It?

When a bunch of you say you want to read a book I reviewed, I always wish i could have a followup discussion. I decided, why not? Therefore, I am hereby unveiling a new feature:

Did You Read it?

It’s is a book clubby post in which we gush or complain about books we have mostly all read. On my Sunday chat post, I’ll propose a couple of previously reviewed books. I will only select books that generated positive interest. You pick the book you want to discuss. I will break any tie. I will put up the discussion post on Friday morning, and we can chat all weekend if we want.

At least at first, I may have to delve I back to long ago posts for material. But I should soon catch up.

And as much as I’d love to start right away, I’ll wait till the new year before proposing the first book.
What do you think? Sound fun?

8 Thoughts to “New Feature – Did You Read It?”

  1. That could be interesting. I’m curious how it will turn out. {Smile}

    I don’t always get around to books that sound interesting quickly, but sometimes I do. I think I might be more likely to if I got to discuss it. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Tia Nevitt

      I’ll try to leave a month or two between review and discussion post to give people a chance to read it.

      1. That would help. So would some kind of heads-up notice that a book will be discussed in a few weeks. {Smile}

        I do hope that isn’t too much to ask. It’s just that my TBR collection would now fill two floor-to-nominal-8-foot ceiling bookcases of a reasonable width: one full of hardcovers and larger paperbacks, and another full of small paperbacks. No, this doesn’t count books I’d borrow from one of my parents, or ones I still need to get from the store. Yes, I think the small paperback shelves could be closer together because of their smaller height and still reach the ceiling. {wry smile}

        Anyway, that’s why a shout-out about an upcoming discussion could help me decide what to read next. {SMILE, wink}

        Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

        1. Tia Nevitt

          I’ll keep this in mind. That’s a lot of books to get through!

          1. Thanks. It really would help me choose which books to start reading soon. Deciding that is one of my bigger puzzles these days. {Smile}

            Yeah, that’s a lot of books. I started figuring books that way because because the way they’re shelved, the TBR hardcovers and trade paperbacks really do fill the better part of a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. They also go a few shelves beyond that. The extra shelves aren’t all the same length, but it’s not hard to eyeball the extra inches, and figure I could easily fill the rest of the shelves, and probably the extra shelf I could squeeze in if two of them weren’t sized to hold folios (coffee-table books). It was harder to figure out the paperbacks, but one day I got curious… No, I didn’t get a tape measure, but it all comes down to how wide the shelves on, and that should be a little wider than the narrower shelves I actually use for them. {chuckle, rueful smile}

            Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. It’s worth trying! πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like fun! I admit there are a lot of books you reviewed that I never actually got to and a number that I read that aren’t fresh in my mind anymore, so giving a bit of space before the discussions might be a good idea. πŸ™‚

  4. Tia Nevitt

    Fun is the general idea! Glad you guys are interested.

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