Upcoming This Week, plus LinkedIn Question

Gosh! It’s dusty around here. I’m sorry about that! I don’t have an excuse for you, but I do have some reasons. Synonyms of the same thing? Perhaps!

On Monday, I have a fun little post called “Laws of Physics, Applied to Fiction”. It shows ways you can apply physics to the art of fiction–more specifically, the laws of motion and friction. They really do apply! Come back tomorrow to see how.

On Tuesday, I give you my litany of excuses reasons about what has kept me so busy since my list “gosh I’ve been busy” post about the cruise. It’s about the edit process for Face in the Magic Mirror, plus more.

And on Thursday, I have a “Recent Research” post prepped on language–something we all, as readers, just love.


On a personal note, my new job started last Monday, and this past Friday, I officially completed or transitioned all my business analysis stuff. So tomorrow, I will be a Product Manager 100% of the time. Some of you have found my LinkedIn identity as a Product Manager and requested a connection. I’m afraid you might find that connection a little dull, because it is only about my day job, all the time.

I’m thinking about starting another LinkedIn identity for my identity as a blogger and a writer. I really do need to keep the two worlds separate. But if I do, I think I violate LinkedIn’s term’s of service. I am already violating Facebook’s terms of service by maintaining an account for family stuff and another account for readers, author buddies and publishing folks. I don’t know why there is a rule against this.

Starting another account feels a little redundant, but LinkedIn offers stuff that Facebook just doesn’t have and as far as I’m concerned, Google + seems to be a total flop that just gives people more ways to spam you.

Do you use LinkedIn for publishing and writing connections? And do you think I’m wrong about Google +?

4 Thoughts to “Upcoming This Week, plus LinkedIn Question”

  1. Deborah Blake

    I don’t know anything about LinkedIn, but I know lots of authors who have separate accounts on FB for personal and writing lives — this is against the rules?

  2. Deborah Blake

    Oh, and I think I deleted my Google+ account. At the very least, I ignore it.

  3. Tia Nevitt

    I read somewhere that FB doesn’t like it when you have more than one identity. It makes no sense to me. You can’t keep your home life and professional life separate enough with one account and using something like groups.

    I know some people like G+, but maybe I didn’t put enough effort into making it worthwhile for me.

  4. I’ve been puzzled about Facebook’s one-account rule, myself. I’m not even sure what they mean by a second account. I know quite a few folks who have a personal identity, and one specifically for the games. If that’s what they don’t like, their rule is primarily observed in the breach. {lop-sided smile}

    But… is that what they really mean? I don’t know. They used to have ways to keep groups of friends separate, but the ways I first discovered to do that stopped working three major overhauls ago. My friends there really include four groups I would like to treat differently, but I don’t know how to do that these days. So I gave up on Facebook and came back to the blogs, where everything is simply public, and to LiveJournal, whose methods for keeping this bunch of friends separate from that bunch works just like it did when I started in 2004. They do add new features, but they rarely change the old ones, and what few changes they do make are relatively obvious. I’m discovering I really appreciate this. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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