So you just finished reading a great story, and you turn the page to find an excerpt of the next book. What do you do, read it or skip it?

I skip it and here’s why. The story was just resolved for me. I just want to think about it for a while. My mindset when I just finish a book is just not prepared for diving right into another, even by the same author, along the same storyline. I won’t start reading anything else until that evening at the earliest. And most likely, it’ll be something by a different author.

The only exception is books that end on cliffhangers. Such books will annoy me (you pay for a complete story!), but my annoyance will be mitigated by the presence of an excerpt. Usually, the excerpt resolves the cliffhanger, and I come away satisfied. Usually.

So, do you read those excerpts, or do you skip them?