Going Through Some Changes

Hey, the title of this post is the name of a song, isn’t it?

Sorry about Monday’s post. I read all your comments, and thank you. I have just a little upheaval going on right now. Yanno, the whole “life intrudes” kind of thing. I’ll try not to let my blog go entirely dark, though. It may just be a bit more informal than usual.

Still reading. Lately, I’ve been reading Alison Goodman’s Eona, but since I occasionally find the plot frustrating, I am currently taking a break from it to read Jennifer Estep’s Venom.

Read any good books lately?

5 Thoughts to “Going Through Some Changes”

  1. I recently read the YA novella Dies Irae by Christine Fonseca. Pretty darn good read. I enjoyed her writing. I hope Venom works as a great read for you.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      I’m intrigued. What’s it about?

  2. JenM

    I love the Gin Blanco series. I just finished her short story, Thread of Death, waiting for the next book at the end of Feb. I’ve also been working my way through Eileen Wilks’ World of the Lupi series. There are 8 books out and I just finished book 5. It’s got shifters (my favorite paranormal creatures) and for the most part follows a central couple that I adore. They have a strong and equal relationship (he’s a werewolf, she’s a cop). Magic is out in the open in this world, and there’s enough world building to make it really interesting and complex.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Im not a big fan of urban fantasy, but I really like Jennifer Estep’s voice, so I read all her stuff. I do find Gin compelling. I’ll check out Wilks!

  3. I hope things get better for you…Honestly I’ve had little time to read lately. Everything else going on but reading…

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