Lazy Weekend

For the first weekend in a very long time, I just read. I’ve been needing a weekend like this, I think. I also really wanted to finish reading the Mistborn trilogy. There are a lot of books on my Nook that I want to read, but Mistborn was was just getting in my way! In all the best possible ways, of course. I’ll do a review of the entire trilogy very soon–this week, I hope.

Katie (Superwench83) tells me that my site is slow. I think I know what the problem is; my database needs to be optimized. I’ve just been letting WordPress manage my database and that’s probably stupid. So I’m going to have to heave a sigh and spend a night or two learning how to optimize it, hopefully manage it without crashing my site.

Part of the reason I changed themes is because I suspected that the other one was slow. That and it was a bit inflexible and temperamental. I really like this one–enough to go out and buy the full-featured version … if only it didn’t cost 99 dollars. I like it, but I’m not sure I like it that much. Do WordPress themes really cost that much? If it was 40 dollars, I would have bought it already.

I have a guest post, but I asked the author if I could wait a few weeks while I work out problems with my site. If Katie is having problems with it being too slow to post a comment, then other people will have troubles as well and it’s not really fair to the author. So I’ll try to get this worked out soon.

I mentioned in a comment that I’m thinking about going and re-watching another old science fiction series that died before its time. Anyone remember Space: Above and Beyond? I don’t remember much other than it involved space marines.