Muse, Unfettered

If you followed my now defunct writing blog, you probably know that I think of my muse as a drill sergeant who looks something like R. Lee Ermey:


The caption is self-explanatory as to the reason why.

My muse doesn’t have a name. He’s younger than R. Lee Ermey–but not by much–and is simply the Drill Sergeant. He has a soft side–he actually likes fairy tales.

Well, I haven’t been blogging much because my muse has been keeping me so busy. My Cinderella story is now over 30,000 words and is growing. It won’t make novel-length, but it certainly will be a longer novella. I am also working on that prequel!

Some differences in writing this story and other novels I’ve written:

    • Discipline. When things got rough, I didn’t let myself work on some other story. (The prequel has all the same characters, so it doesn’t count.) I took some time off from it while I was doing my blog tour, and it was a good thing.
    • Structure. I’m much more aware of the structure of my story as I write. When I come up with something that will require a tweak elsewhere, I go back and fix it right away rather than putting it off and trying to make sense out of a cryptic note later.
    • Discipline. Oh, and I shut down all emails, Facebook and Twitter windows while I write. Sometimes, I’ve even been known to turn off my WiFi (I use a laptop). Nothing can get through. Nothing, I say!

      Some things that haven’t changed.

      • Comfort. I must be comfortable as I write. Otherwise, I have a stiff neck the next day. Not fun. Currently, I’m not all that comfortable. I have a padded lap desk just big enough for my lap and trackball (perfect with a laptop, btw, because you can use it on your leg, or a cushion). But it’s still not quite as comfortable as I’d like it. I really need a new LaZBoy, because my daughter broke the old one. Isn’t that what daughters are for? 🙂
      • Water. I must have water on hand. My husband got me a table to sit behind the couch so my water is in easy reach. Isn’t he sweet?
      • Snack. Ok, I try not to do this too much, because that’s just fattening. I carry around evidence of past snackings with me wherever I go.

      What do you think of my writing routines? I must be a pain in the butt to those I live with.

      13 Thoughts to “Muse, Unfettered”

      1. Great muse. If you don’t make your page count, do you have to drop and do ten push ups?

        1. Hmm. I’d be able to snack more if he did …

      2. I don’t think you’re asking for too much.

        I demand quiet when I work and that irritates my husband–who is anything but quiet.

        1. Due to certain challenges in my house, peace and quiet is almost nonexistent. But, having grown up in a large, noisy family, I have mastered the art of tuning out noises that don’t start with “Tia” or “Mommy”.

      3. Chicory

        Your writing routine sounds perfect- especially the not getting a stiff neck bit. I’m glad you said about fixing things right away. Sometimes I feel guilty for wanting to overhaul massive structure problems before I reach the end of a story -but everything gets so disjointed when I don’t.

        1. Chicory, give yourself permission to go back and fix! I literally have not been able to make any sense out of notes to myself, leaving me no choice but to reread the whole thing–again.

      4. It’s pretty much the same for me except that I use copious amounts of coffee interspersed with water. I used to do a lot of my writing in a comfy chair at Starbucks… lately I’ve been doing it at my day job (which isn’t all that comfortable, but it is a “workstation”).

        The most distracting thing, ever, is my emotional state. If I can put that to bed, I can really get things done.

        1. Yeah, I can see that being a problem, and when it’s been a problem with me, but I never really focused on it before. Hmm. I’ll blame you next time I have this issue. 😉

      5. I think that writing routines should be judged by how well they work. So if these routines work for you, great! {SMILE}

        Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

        1. Tia Nevitt

          They aren’t ideal, but they work for now. It seems many evenings lately I’m a bit too tired to write. Must be the cold weather. Or something.

          1. Then that’s the best you can do for now. Cold weather can slow you down, no matter how you fight it. {Sympathetic Smile}

            Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

          2. Then that’s the best you can do for now. Cold weather can slow you down, no matter how you fight it. {Sympathetic Smile}

            Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

      6. Sorry for the double-post. My computer is slow today, so I’m not always sure it understood a particular click. {lop-sided Smile}

        Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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