Guest Blogging Again!

Today, I break the laws of physics by being in two places at once. Jennifer Estep still has my post as her top post, and she till has the giveaway open. So if you haven’t visited yet, please stop by.

Plus, Taryn Kincaid has me as guest at her blog, in a feature she calls Friend Friday. And mine is her inaugural post!

Thank you so much, both of you!

I took a long weekend so I’ll be replying to comments there all day.

And finally, just for fun, I created a twitter handle for my slightly evil fairy godmother. Yes, it is silly, but I figure of some guy can get a million followers by becoming Lord Voldemort online, I might be able to snag a few with my feisty fairy. Be among the first to follow eFairy Godmother and she’ll give you a fairy blessing.

One Thought to “Guest Blogging Again!”

  1. Glad to have you!

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