Posting Schedule and Priority

A strange thing happened when I started blogging regularly: my writing output plummeted. I have not finished a novel since 2007, although I have finished several short stories and novellas. I still want to maintain the blog because it keeps my name out there. So D&R will remain, but I will no longer even try to post daily.

When will I post? I have added a posting schedule to the sidebars, so you know when the best days will be to visit.

I also decided to prioritize. Debuts is listed first in the name of this blog, and I’m going to laser-beam on that. My primary focus will be the showcasing of debut novels. I’m not going to kill myself trying to find every debut out there. But I will kill myself (not literally) trying to get that weekly showcase post up. It will be my top priority, even if it is my only post that week.

My second priority will be that Thursday post, when I hope to host more guests. Interviews are a lot of work, and I can only do good interviews of an author who I have actually read, so they will be more occasional than guest posts.

The weekend post will be either reviews, editorials, link-ups, or whatever.

If any of my review buddies — Deborah, Katie or Raven — sends me a review to post, I have plenty of other days upon which to post it. And if I have something I’m just burning to say, I’ll go ahead and say it (or tweet it, which is more likely).

I also have not been accepting review copies in quite some time. I’m continuing that policy. I really do prefer to acquire my own books. Several publishers continue to send me novels occasionally; if I don’t want to read it and I don’t object to the book itself (which sometimes happens with those demon-lover kinds of novels), I’ll continue to offer it to my review buddies.

Thank you for your patronage of this blog, and hopefully this new approach will work for me.

7 Thoughts to “Posting Schedule and Priority”

  1. You gotta have priorities! I’m not reviewing at all anymore. I’ve handed the reins of Enduring Romance almost entirely over to my fellow reviewers.

  2. Tia Nevitt

    I didn’t want to quit because blogging is a good pub. tool and this gives me something to blog about. But with my commitment cut in half. If I can get that 1 showcase post a week I will count it a successful blogging week.

  3. Deborah Blake

    I think this sounds very reasonable. I have been spending more time keeping up with my own blog, other people’s blogs, social networking with other authors and readers, etc. than I have on writing. It is tough to find a balance. I only manage to blog 2-3 times a week, most weeks.

    But I think people would rather read our books than our blogs, so that’s okay!

  4. Tia, are you planning on attending Sirens in Vail in October? I know it’s a bit pricy, but there’s be a lot of faery business about.

  5. Tia Nevitt

    I’m with you, Deb!

    Todd, thanks for letting me know about it. I’d love to go, but until I start earning at least a little royalty money, I’m going to need to keep my conference activities to the southeast, as far north as NC and probably as far west as New Orleans, and as far south as Key West. I definitely want to attend some conferences this year, though.

    1. Yeah, I hear you. I may not even be able to go, myself, even though it’s right around my anniversary (and a weekend in Vail would be a-maz-ing).

  6. I like this plan. I hope it helps you strike a balance between blogging and fiction writing. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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