A Lazy Post

I’ve been lazy this week, plus you’re seeing the effects of my vacation last week. I write most of my posts on the weekend, and last weekend I only had time for the one post that’s been up all week, due to my way-fun vacation.

I’ve been reading The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry, and I’ve been enjoying it enough to start Reading and Tweeting on it. Look for the hashtag @manualofdetection. (I try to make them obvious). Jedediah Berry tweets as well, plus he has a cool website that looks worth exploring.

I have been working on other stuff, including arranging an interview and writing a post on book on my unfinished-but-I-still-want-to-finsh-them-someday shelf.

I do have a question for you. I’ve had a request to do that Writer Wednesday post on sex scenes, but I’m having trouble thinking of an appropriate author to have as guest. I want someone you will get excited about, who actually writes sex scenes, and who hasn’t been here before. Trouble is, the two genres that I read the most often — fantasy and mystery — aren’t known for their sex scenes, so I can’t think of anyone.

Can you recommend someone? I’d prefer to have someone who blogs, because an author who blogs is the most likely to enjoy this sort of thing. Thanks!

4 Thoughts to “A Lazy Post”

  1. Shadow

    You could try Bree and Donna (aka Moira Rogers) at http://www.moirarogers.com/

    They write predominantly urban fantasy, with some smokin’ hot sex scenes, and Bree in particular loves blogging.

  2. Some of the passengers at The Galaxy Express ought to qualify. The site specializes in science fiction romance, so sex scenes can come in. Heather, as the mistress of that site, would know more about which ones might be worth asking than I would. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  3. Tia Nevitt

    I’ll check them out, Shadow. And Anne, what a great idea!

  4. Deborah Blake

    Candace Havens, who is primarily known for her wonderful paranormal romances, just came out with a Harlequin Blaze book with SMOKIN’ sex scenes. You might ask her.

    Also, I have a friend who is an unpubbed author (but who was a top 10 finalist in the Dorchester textnovel.com contest recently) who writes a lot of sex scenes, and is a blogger. Check her out at writingforfun.blogspot

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