Productive Weekend!

With Superwench83‘s help, I am well prepared for this week! We have a gadget review for you, plus a debut review, a Debut Showcase, and a review of a novel by a well-established author. Plus I managed to get lots of non blog stuff done as well.


Since I now have my iPod touch, I have been experimenting with ebooks. Over the Christmas holidays, Joely Sue Burkhart‘s Survive My Fire was available as a download, so I grabbed it. I have to read it with no paragraph breaks due to the way my e-reader handles page breaks (not at all), but I’m enjoying it nevertheless. Joely is a longterm friend of this blog. I am not ready to start taking ebooks as review copies, especially since the page breaks don’t work so well. So I expect to be experimenting for a while. Anyone got any recommendation for PDF viewers for the iPhone? I need ones that can handle paragraph breaks when it reflows the text. As a developer, I’m not sure why this is a problem because paragraph breaks are actual character codes that you can look for. But none of the readers I’ve played with so far can do it, on both my old palm and on my iPod.

Superwench’s gadget review will be up tomorrow morning, so be sure to stop back by!

3 Thoughts to “Productive Weekend!”

  1. Tia, thanks so much for giving SMF a chance! I agree, pdfs are a pain to read because of the page break issue. When available, I always choose ePUB (SMF is available in that format, but I think the free download was pdf — if you’d rather have ePUB just let me know). A friend had a good pdf reader for iPhone: Goodreader, available for $1.99 last I checked. I haven’t personally tried it, but it’s supposed to handle pdfs much better than Stanza!

    1. Tia Nevitt

      The timing of the free version was rather incredible, like a meeting of fates! I’ll be in touch!

  2. I have Goodreader and it seems to be a pretty good one. I don’t use it much as I only download ebooks in pdf if I absolutely have to. But my husband has been using it with tech books and he sounds happy with it.

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