This site is now mobile-phone enabled!

I don’t expect anyone to use this feature but me, but you can now get a mobile-friendly display of this site through your mobile phone. I need it because I don’t like the idea of my website appearing in my Internet browsing report at work. Therefore, I will be able to respond to comments now and then (but not too often!) during the work day.

And now, my question: which would you prefer, Writer Wednesday or Weekend Writer? I’m leaning toward Weekend Writer because we sometimes have lots of fun conversations going on for Writer Wednesday, and I don’t always have time at work to do justice to the conversation. However, as a weekend feature, it will probably be interrupted more often when I have a busy weekend. If we go with Weekend Writer (or Writer Weekend), I would put up the discussion post on Friday night and let it stay on top until Sunday afternoon or so.

With your poll (Writer Wednesday or Weekend Writer), please also throw out your ideas for our next discussion topic.