Cover Reveal! The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf

Presenting the cover of my next story, The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf:

To say I am thrilled with this cover is an understatement. I am humbled by it. I think it is amazing. I will be submitting it for awards. I love that they were able to get both Prince Richard and Gretchen on the cover. I love that they put his face in the magic mirror. I love that they made Gretchen so dreamy looking. It is fabulous. Don’t you agree?

11 Thoughts to “Cover Reveal! The Magic Mirror and the Seventh Dwarf”

  1. Chicory

    I like how they kept a touch of ivy to tie in with your last cover. This is definitely magical. I have a feeling I know what I shall soon be putting on my Nook. 🙂

  2. Tia Nevitt

    Thank you! And although they changed the image of the book, they kept the sparkles going up the middle. I am so pleased!

  3. Love it–gorgeous color, so rich. Congrats!

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Thanks, Laura! I am still wowwed.

  4. Love the open book. And the subtitle, “Accidental Enchantments’ is awesome.


    1. Tia Nevitt

      Thanks! The subtitle was actually around for The Sevenfold Spell, but I didn’t think of it in time to get it on the cover. They do have the series name in all the online stores, though!

  5. I love it so much!!!

    This means we can work together for Fairy Tale Fortnight again, I hope! It will be in March or April <3

    1. Tia Nevitt

      I’d love to! Add me to your list, please!

  6. That does look great! CONGRATULATIONS! {REALLY BIG GRIN}

    I like the book and series title tying it to your first one. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Thank you, Anne! {grinning back}

  7. Ooh, gorgeous!

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