I am pleased and excited to announce that the second installment of my series of fairy tale retellings has sold! Edits start in just a few weeks.

The tentative title is Face in the Magic Mirror, and it is a reimagining of the Snow White story. I don’t know yet if the title will change. It tells the story of that mysterious being within the magic mirror, how he came to be there, and why he finds the queen so lovely. It is also about the queen’s stepdaughter, and the problems extreme beauty might cause.

But mostly, it is about a young woman with achondroplasia who has never seen another person like herself, and who hears of a refuge for dwarfs. She travels to the refuge in a blatant search for a husband, but none of the men there are quite what she hoped for.

She thinks.

The Sevenfold SpellThis story was actually the inspiration for the whole Accidental Enchantments theme. I imagined this man in the mirror, on the run from the queen, bringing unintentional doom to people every time he is forced to respond to her questions. I couldn’t make the story work so I wrote The Sevenfold Spell, instead. And last year, when I started writing Magic Mirror again, it just flowed from start to finish. It’s funny how these things work out.

If you haven’t read The Sevenfold Spell yet, you can always — ahem — check it out now. πŸ˜‰