This and that. And one other thing.

Yikes, time flies. (Checking calendar.) Whew. It’s only Tuesday. Or Wednesday, by the time you see this, because it’s pointless to post this late at night.

Just some random thoughts today.


I’m in the mood to read something very specific. I want to read a knight fantasy. Secondary world or historical. Male or female, but preferably an adult. And hmm, I’ll take an order of swords with that. Hold the sorcery–except maybe in the hands of the villain. But definitely an extra-large order of swords.

Know of something like that? Or do I have to write it? 🙂


Carolyn Crane. She wrote this fab urban fantasy called Mind Games. Read it. I am adding her to the short list of urban fantasy authors whom I read (along with Kelly Meding and Jennifer Estep). Here’s what I tweeted about it:

(insert gratuitous plug for my twitter feed here.) I meant it too. About her book, I mean. It was also extremely sexy, so you have been prepped.


Um, no. Can’t say anything about that yet.


Observations on getting older: you know you’re getting old when you look through your change for interesting coins, spot a particularly old specimen, check the date–and realize that you have two years on it. Ugh. I hope I held up better than that coin. (No, not the coin pictured. A coin I promptly spent.)


My music writing has languished in a story writing rush. Not only have I written three Petroleum Sunset stories, but I’ve written a short story based on a Cherokee legend that is trying to turn into a novella. If I can double the length, I might be able to interest my publisher in it.

How do I double the length? By adding more characters and complications. It’s what I did with The Sevenfold Spell, which started as a 7500 word short story. By adding Prince Andrew (sigh–my dreamiest male character ever), Harla, more on Princess Aurora and the fairies, and by cutting a few men (yeah, you guys never got to read about the Constable or the Abuser, who were redundant and/or unnecessary), I ended up with a 22,000 word novella. The story I’m working on now is about 7000 word so far, and I haven’t finished the ending. Hmm.

So what about my songs? I have no freaking idea about the music industry. And at this point, I’m not looking into it. Oh, well–my daughter enjoys them.


I bought a Kindle! Yeah, I really needed a Kindle when I already have an iPod touch (my original eReading device), a Nook and an iPad. But when I bought my Dad a Kindle for his birthday, I was so jealous of it. My Nook is first generation, and when you compare it to this Kindle, you can tell it’s a more mature device. (That’s a tech term–for example, the iPhone is a mature smartphone compared to the Android. It’s been around longer, and therefore has a lot of sweet features that they have added over time.)

I brought the Touch version, which I kind of regret because the finger tracking mechanism works by movement and not by pressure, so just laying the Kindle face down on something uneven, like a blanket, will totally do random things. You don’t even have to touch the surface; your finger/blanket/anything just needs to be within the shallow rectangle frame. I guess that feature needs to mature. 😉

But the Kindle with just the buttons was rather cumbersome, so the only other one I might have wanted would be the one with the full keyboard, and no. I’ll stick with the Touch, thank you. I’ve almost spent the 25 dollar gift cert I bought for myself.


Time to work on my story. Toodles!

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  1. The King’s Blades novels from Dave Duncan, maybe?

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Wow–that was fast! Thanks!

  2. Hey Tia, on your first request, how about a shameless plug? I’ve got one from last summer, “The Ring and the Flag” which has a healthy dose of swords (some bows, lances, and a cestus for that earthy touch). No magic for the good guys (yet!), two monstrous creatures, and a knight’s son who has met ruin but is still trying to be noble. If you’re interested, check out the sample on Smashwords ( and I would be happy to coupon you in return for an unbiased review!

  3. Tia Nevitt

    LOL! Will, I will definitely check it out!

  4. sqt

    I’m like you. I have a Kindle and a Nook. I bought the Nook Color because I wanted the back-lit reader and it came out about a year before the Fire. The Kindle was for a beach vacation and I needed a black and white reader for that- but I didn’t get the touch version. I like them both. But I expect I’ll switch to the Fire when my Nook burns out. I’ve played with both and the Fire seems like the better device.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      B&N seriously needs to scrap their Nook software for the Nook and start over. Their Nook software for the iPad is AWESOME. Why can’t they write software that is that good for the actual Nook?

      Instead of getting a backlit reader, I saved my money for an iPad. I prefer eInk for reading, and I figure the Kindle will not be my last ereading device. Looking forward to color eInk, but I expect there might be a loss of resolution for color. Seems to happen that way.

  5. If you do end up writing the knight fantasy, I want to read it. 😀

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Awesome! I keep thinking of a knight character, but the idea has not matured yet.

  6. Try Sherrilyn Kneyons alter ego…Kinley MacGregor, love her stuff..

  7. Yikes, time flies. (Checking calendar.) Whew. It’s only Tuesday. Or Wednesday, by the time you see this, because it’s pointless to post this late at night.

    You forget that some of your readers are in later time zones. I would have read this Tuesday if I hadn’t been worn out enough to zone out on games all evening. {Giggle, GRIN, wink}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    1. Oops; that first paragraph needed quote marks, since bolding it didn’t work. {apologetic smile}


    2. Anonymous

      I didn’t put up the post till Wednesday. I guess I was confusing.

      Will look into why bolding didn’t work.

      1. I see. Confusions like that do happen on the web. {Smile}

        Thanks for checking the bolding. {Smile}

        Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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