Back After New Year

So I guess this has been some kind of unannounced blog hiatus. You just need a break every now and then. What have I been doing? I spent about two weeks wasting my free time with Morrowind. I hung out. I worked on a story until I realized the plot line was marginal to the story at best.

But I do have several books to review and several authors have been in touch about guest reviews, so things should heat up in January. That is a good time for beginnings, I think. Or re-begins.

See ya then!

2 Thoughts to “Back After New Year”

  1. Yep, I agree. A break is good…sometimes necessary. Sounds like some great things getting lined up 🙂 I look forward to reading more here at your blog.

  2. It is far more better to have a break than to burn out. You played Morrowind and I play Skyrim. When I enter Skyrim I forget everything around me.

    Anyway good to see that you are back.

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