This Week – Acacia Trilogy – Device Chat

Hey! First “This Week” post in a while. And what is the occasion? A guest post scheduled for Friday!

Since I figured I better liven things up around here for my guest, I also have another Weekly Research post, which is where I write about the things I’ve researched lately. Always fun. That will post on Tuesday. Plus, I always have book reviews to write, so I’ll endeavor to write a review on a recent epic fantasy that takes place in a nonwestern culture. WooHoo!


In other news, David Anthony Durham‘s third Acacia book is out! It’s called Sacred Band, and of course I’ll be getting a copy. In hardcover. Despite the fact that I have several very satisfactory electronic reading devices. Why spend the money? Because I have the other two books in hardcover and it’ll look so nice to have all three. I’m a book snob that way; sue me.


Speaking of satisfactory reading devices, I bought an iPad. It was a rare splurge. I got the cheapest one, and it’s probably overpriced, and I’m just enriching a corporation that often behaves badly, but damn. You have to admit that Apple puts out a product that is terribly elegant and a joy to use.

It does mean that I probably won’t buy a Nook Touch any time soon. But I am still using my Nook–used it today, in fact–and so far, Barnes and Noble is still putting out updates for it. Which install quite effortlessly on my rooted Nook. Which, by the way, really didn’t bring me anything other than a certain cachet in having successfully hacked something. Which wasn’t really hacking because I followed a set of very specific instructions.

Anyway, I’m also thinking of hacking my old iPod Touch because Apple doesn’t put out updates for it anymore, and it has some damned annoyances. It is an orphan device. I’m feeling the pressure to buy a new one, rather than foisting this old, soon-to-be-hacked one off on my daughter. I wonder if, in two years, Apple won’t likewise orphan my iPad because they want me to upgrade to their new whiz-bank device of the year.

I’ll probably be really good at hacking these things by then.

2 Thoughts to “This Week – Acacia Trilogy – Device Chat”

  1. Deborah Blake

    And this is why I hardly have any cool devices…
    I did get a Galaxy Tablet a while ago and I like it (what I’ve figured out how to use of it, Luddite that I am). And I know you can use it as an ereader, since I bought *ahem* someone’s novella to put on it. Now I just have to figure out how…

  2. Tia Nevitt

    Awesome! Let me know if you need any help. I’m usually good at figuring this stuff out; I guess that’s why I chose software analysis as a career. The Galaxy Tab looks pretty cool. I’m sure Amazon has a Kindle app for it.

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