The Sevenfold Spell Audio Version Price Cut!

Yay! The price of The Sevenfold Spell has come down from a very steep 17.95 to a very reasonable 4.95! And this is the change in cover price–not just a sale.

Here’s the product page.

The price change has not trickled down to Amazon yet, and I can no longer find it on iTunes. I’m excited about this change because I always thought the original price was too prohibitive and somewhat embarrassing. But now, I’m delighted!


3 Thoughts to “The Sevenfold Spell Audio Version Price Cut!”

  1. Kat

    Tia, right now it’s $2.77 for me. I don’t know if that’s because I’m a member or because of the summer sale.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      Wow–even more awesome! Thanks for the info!

  2. Chicory

    Hey that’s great. 🙂

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