New Job

Wow, I had all kinds of great plans for the blog this week, but they sort of fizzled because this is the week I transferred to a new job in my company. I think I’m going to love the new job, but I’m just frazzled. This is mostly because I’ve been running from one building to the other all week. All of my meetings take place in one building, but my computer and phone are in the other. So it’s back, forth, back, forth. But! I received my laptop yesterday afternoon–I stayed late so I could get it, actually–which means I ought to be able to stay in one building for most of the day.

My feet rejoice!

But really, I just CAN’T believe it is Thursday already!

Please bear with me as I adjust. I can usually scrounge together two posts a week, so I’ll continue that schedule. I just had an idea about a review on my latest all-too-short-lived distraction. Anna the Piper can probably guess what it is. Sigh. She’ll know the reason for the sigh, too.

5 Thoughts to “New Job”

  1. I could take a surefire guess that it involves a gent whose coat is of a brownish color. 😉

  2. Tia Nevitt

    It was pretty obvious! And yes, I loved it. Sigh…

  3. Welcome to the ranks of the Browncoats! We’ve raised the sighs and lamentations over shows canceled before their time to an art form. *^_^*;;

    Fortunately at least we DO still have Nathan Fillion!

    1. Tia Nevitt

      I’m honored to join you!

  4. I totally know what you mean.

    New job sigh? More like NEW JOB HIGH. 🙂

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