Stuff This Week

I’m hoping to get back on a fuller schedule for this week. Definitely in the pipeline is my thoughts on the Royal Wedding and how they seem to do royalty better than anyone else–right down to their quirkiness. Also, I have another steampunk guest, and we’ll be closing out Christine’s giveaway, so be sure to get over there and enter. Plus, I have a screed. Y’all like to read my screeds, don’t you?

I finished reading Brandon Sanderson’s second Mistborn novel, and since I have the third one right here, I’m thinking about doing a series review when I’m finished. I’m not reading very quickly these days–which is part of the reason why I won’t commit to reviews–but this should be fun.

Would you like me to put up posts as I read it? I haven’t done that since Fantasy Debut, but I think I could rig up my mobile phone to post, which would make short, frequent posts easier. In fact, that’s something I should do anyway.

My new gig at work starts tomorrow, so wish me luck. This will be an entirely new set of people for me. I really hated to leave the old group, but the time was obviously ripe, and this job should allow me to use stuff I’m good at. We all like doing stuff we’re good at. (Either that or we like to delude ourselves.)

Most of my posts are already written, or mostly so, which certainly makes it easier.

Oh! And I lost 5 pounds! Happydance! (Even though it was 5 pounds I gained in the fall…)

2 Thoughts to “Stuff This Week”

  1. As-you-read posts sound interesting to me. {Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

  2. Deborah Blake

    Congrats on losing the 5 lbs! Unfortunately, I seem to have found them…

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