Personal Updates and Stuff This Week

Lots of stuff going on for me this spring, but the last cheerleading performance is over, the awards banquet is finished and extracurricular activities are complete for the school year. Who would have guessed that one little activity would fill up my calendar so much?

In a personal milestone, I interviewed and was accepted for a new position at my place of employment. In case you’re curious, I am a business analyst, which means I analyze business activities for software development purposes. It involves a little bit of a lot of skills including data analysis, software requirements analysis, production support, and even some occasional computer programming (for me, anyway, since I know how). I am very excited about my new position, and I’ll be transitioning over there quite soon.


What do you think of my site’s new look? I found a new theme and it seems much faster than the previous one. For now, it has some pesky limitations, such as the comments link at the top of the post (why, I ask you?) and the fact that you can’t specify which sidebar goes where. However, I like it enough that I’m thing about spending the 95 bucks (!) for the pro version. It is sweet and appears to be very fast. I also rearranged some of the navigation, and I went for a cleaner look. I’ll continue to tweak it, so you’ll see things evolve over the next week or so.


I have steampunk guests coming up! They are scheduled for both Thursday and Friday as part of Carina Press’s Steampunk Week. Yay for steampunk!


My reading has been way down, because my writing is way up. I’m working my way through The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson. As with the first book, I am having some suspension of disbelief issues. I don’t know why mistborn would use coins as a projectile weapon, and I just have a hard time accepting the fact that they can apparently fling a coin so it goes (apparently) as fast as a bullet. If they had flung around nails, the resulting damage would have been a lot more believable for me. And the politics in this book is going to drive me nuts. And yet! I’m still reading. I also have the last book, which I’ll jump right into.

What has everyone been up to? Scroll up to the top of the post to find the comment link. (Grr.)

5 Thoughts to “Personal Updates and Stuff This Week”

  1. Sherri

    Congratulations on your new position. I too am a business analyst and it is never boring. Hope you enjoy the work.

    1. Tia Nevitt

      I’m really looking forward to it. Cool that you are a business analyst as well. Are you IABA Certified? I’m thinking about becoming so.

      1. Anonymous

        I am not certified yet. I joined a group starting a chapter here in Portland and spent too much time working to get the chapter up and running, so I didn’t have enough time to study for my certification. 🙂

        I plan on putting time into this fall, after I get back from my vacation to England and Scotland. I don’t have time to get ready for both.

        1. Sherri

          Sorry, that we me again. Forgot to add my name. Doh!

  2. A belated congratulations on the new position. It does sound interesting. {SMILE}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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