This kinda makes me nervous. If I open up a general chat post–as I’m doing now–will anyone come? If I call for a lurker roll call, will anyone de-lurk?

[Bites nails.]

Why do this? Well, for a few weeks–ever since I tried to change my template–I have not had any counters on this blog. I put them back today and woah! There are about 50 more of you! Howdy! How the heck did that happen?

In many ways, running a blog is a crap shoot. I only know I’m doing well when you guys comment and get involved in discussions. Sometimes, I say something that gets you to delurk, but I don’t know if you are a one-time visitors or if you’ve been following me around since the Once Upon a Dreamer days (the name of one of my early writing blogs).

So if you’re a lurker, I’m asking you to de-lurk to answer one simple question:

What’s up?

Seen any good movies lately? Ready any good books? Got a new tech toy you’d love to rave about?

To make this easier, I’ve removed the requirement to fill out your name and email in order to comment. You can fill it out if you wish, or remain anonymous. Just throw down an initial and let’s dish!