Book cover trends change so fast. Check out the cover of Sonya Bateman‘s MASTER OF NONE, which came out last year:

We get a nice, scruffy jawline and a torso on down. Oh! and a hand. The guy could be any white guy, which I think was the point.

Here’s the next book in the series, MASTER AND APPRENTICE, which I just received in the mail from Pocket Books:

Now we have a distinctly Italian-looking white guy with his scruffy jaw, a jacket that is a little more clearly leather, and a pose that is full of tude. We also have a mysterious woman in the background who looks plucked from a medieval fantasy. There’s a reason for that, because in many ways, she is.

Remember the tattoo covers? It really wasn’t all that long ago when they were so prevalent that SciFiGuy gently mocked them in this cover parade:

Covers have come a long way since then. Most of the time, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with today’s paranormal and urban fantasy novels. I kind of liked the faces to be a mystery, but I don’t mind full faces, either. But the model would have to be casted well. In this case, the Gavyn I imagined looked a bit friendlier than this brooding guy, but otherwise, not bad.