Editor Taking Pitches Today

I didn’t find out about this until this morning, and I was unable to post it while I was at work. But if you have a manuscript that is ready to submit, this might interest you. An author friend–Nicole North–invited her editor to take pitches at our group blog, Here Be Magic. Here’s her email:

Hi, everyone,

Polish up those pitches. My Carina Press editor Gina Bernal will be visiting the Here Be Magic blog tomorrow April 6. I’ve interviewed her, and she will also be taking pitches. She will choose one winner and request either a partial or a full from them. Please keep pitches to a brief one paragraph blurb plus pertinent details (title, genre, word count.) The post will appear in the morning, or sometime after midnight [its up now — tia]. Be sure to read the interview first to see what she is looking for. Hint, hint: she has a fondness for Celtic stories, historical romance, but also other subgenres.

Gina named my own novella a book she “wished she edited,” so she also enjoys fantasies. Go on and check out the post and if it looks like your novel fits, pitch! There are already 25 comments!


One Thought to “Editor Taking Pitches Today”

  1. I’d be all over this if my s were together and my book was finished!!! My goal is early summer I HAVE to make that goal!
    Thanks for the tip though 🙂

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